About Us

Brand Statement

At Amazfit, we see the vibrant future of smart wearables.

We fuse fashion and innovative technology, to allow for smart devices to become a vehicle of personal style, connecting every aspect of future lives. From Amazfit’s first product, a market-leading sensor innovation, to the world’s first curved display, every series of Amazfit’s ever-evolving product range is a testament to our pursuit of bringing smart hardware technology and innovative product design together.

Since our founding, we have always wanted to help users connect better in their lives and empower them with smart living technologies in different scenarios. In the future, Amazfit will lead the way in innovation and design, creating original product forms and insightful designs, bringing a wide range of attractive choices to consumers.

As a companion to our users, we strive to lead a healthy and active lifestyle - activating users’ inner drive, so they live a life full of passion and excitement. As a fashionable and cutting-edge technology accessory brand, we are the embodiment of unique styles – fusing fashion and innovative technology, so every person has the freedom to express themselves in their own unique way.

Brand Story

At Amazfit, we want to free more people to live their passions and express their active spirit.

We do this by creating dynamic and stylish technology products that promote self expression and positive self-image. By balancing style and performance to enhance every activity. Through dynamic innovation that consistently provides more personal and meaningful experiences.

By staying up-to-date on trends and evolving consumer needs to consistently deliver new and fashionable options. And collaborating to surprise and delight.

All so everyone can show their personal style and connect with what matters most to them. Discover new passions and interests and share them with others. Celebrate life and live it to the fullest. So everyone can up their game.

Brand Vision

To free more people to live their passions and express their active spirit.

Brand Mission

To create dynamic and stylish technology products that promoteself expression and positive self-image.

Brand Value

OPEN: We are open to all possibilities. We embrace new ideas and always to look to the future to imagine better ways for people to live, pursue their passions and express their active spirit.

COURAGEOUS: We are bold and take smart risks. We don’t rest on past success, and we learn from our failures. All to ensure we never stand still and keep innovating in service of fueling people’s passions.

COLLABORATIVE & EXPLORATORY: We encourage our customers and partners to share in the brand and explore new ways to express themselves and unleash their passions.

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL: We endeavour to enhance every aspect of people’s lives. We consider the whole experience whether it’s entertainment and fashion or fitness and everyday connectivity