Amazfit Smart Scale

$ 149.00

Tracks 16 Key Body Health Metrics.

With its high-precision data processing chip, the scale provides metrics for 16 body health indicators based on the basic information you enter, which helps you easily understand your overall physical condition.
The scale can measure health data in either normal or sport mode to provide more accurate measurements for a wider range of users.
FDA Listing Number: D410485

High weighing accuracy up to 50 grams

High Measurement Accuracy to Detect Minor Changes in Weight.

The Amazfit Smart Scale is equipped with a high-precision G-shaped sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect minor weight changes of up to 50 grams. This means the scale can show the change in your weight even if you only drink a cup of water.

Calorie calculation for 18 sports

Analyzes Calorie Cost of 18 Sports for Efficient Body-Building*.

Bind the scale to the Zepp app and it will calculate the calories burned every 30 minutes in each of the 18 supported sports based on the body data measured beforehand, so that you can formulate a personalized exercise plan for your body-building.
* available with an OTA update.

WI-FI + Bluetooth Connection

Convenient & Fast Cloud Data Synchronization.

The Amazfit Smart Scale supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. All health data measured is synchronized more conveniently and efficiently to your mobile phone and the cloud for you to check anytime, anywhere.

Physical Health Analysis

Physical Health Analysis.

The Amazfit Smart Scale analyzes your key body health indicators to provide you with an evaluation of your body as well as health improvement suggestions.

Standing heart rate detection

Detection Standing Heart Rate Detection.

The Amazfit Smart Scale measures your standing heart rate, helping you assess your overall fitness level, so you can adapt your exercise plan to improve it over time.

Balance ability analysis

Balance Ability Analysis*.

The balance ability is a basic skill to support movements of a human body. An improved balance ability helps to lower the risk of injury during exercise and improve your body shape. The Amazfit Smart Scale can measure your balance ability in only 30 seconds.
* available with an OTA update.

More care and protection

Baby Weighing

When you stand on the scale with your baby in your arms, the baby's weight is calculated on your phone. This enables you to easily track the growth of your baby.

Turn off body composition measurement

Accurately measure pregnancy weight gain at zero current to ensure safety.

Exclusive product design

Professional Health Reports

Large 316mm x 316mm x 6mm panel for increased stability
Attractive & colorful Aurora gradient design
Ingenious ITO electrodes for increased measurement accuracy
Innovative & elegant hidden LCD display

Large LCD Display contains 8 body metrics

Large LCD Display
Contains up to Eight Body Health Metrics.

The large 3.4” display allows users to access up to eight of the most important body health metrics at a glance. Through the app, users can pick their favorite body data to be displayed on the screen from a selection of 14 different body health metrics, making their use more convenient and personal.

More Accouts for Your Family Members.

The Amazfit Smart Scale supports 10 accounts, each of which can be used by up to 12 family members. 
The scale can identify family members sharing the same account to facilitate use. It also provides a guest mode and erases guest data later.